Favorite Links

.: 1. Shooting Industry :.

Savage Arms – Rifles with unsurpassed accuracy, outstanding performance and value.
Bushnell – Tactical scopes and laser rangefinders.
Millett Sights - Tactical scopes, mounts and rings.
NRA – Support our Second Amendment birthright!
RobFurlong.com--Retired Corporal Rob Furlong protected his American brothers by taking out a Taliban fighter from 2430 meters.  His Marksmanship Academy offers world class training from world class instructors.
SteveReichert.com--USMC Scout Sniper Steve Reichert took out a machine crew at 1-1/2 miles in Iraq. Here’s his U.S. shooting school and consulting service.

 .: 2. Government Agencies :.

United States Special Operations Command – Today’s ‘Tip of the Spear’
USASOC - United States Army Special Operations Command
AF SOC - United States Air Force Special Operations Command
NAVSOC - United States Navy Special Operations Command
MARSOC - United States Marine Corps Special Operations Command
Central Intelligence Agency – Eyes and Ears of our Nation
United States Central Command - Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf
Department of Homeland Security – Agencies Protecting America
Civilian Marksmanship Program – Shooting Programs, M1 Rifle Purchases


.: 3. Ammunition Manufacturers :.

Black Hills Ammunition
Federal Ammunition
Hornady Ammunition
Winchester Ammunition

.: 4. Other Links :.

Superior Lighthouse, LLC --A consortium of web, print and marketing professionals to work with you to market your business or organization.
Emley Design Group-- EDG works with organizations to grow through strategic branding, communications, marketing campaigns and events, social and media web development.
Northern T & T Machine--Custom machining and fabrication